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EU Structural Funds in Secondary Education



Implemented activities (2007-2013)


Total costs (EUR)

Information about financed projects (in Latvian)

Reform of General Secondary Education Contents, Improvement of Study Subjects, Methodology and Evaluation System (1 st round)

7 036 965

Financed projects

Support to Ensure Sufficiency of General Education Educators in Priority Subjects

15 254 522

Financed projects

Competence Promotion of General Educators and Renewal of Skills

5 582 586

Financed projects

Promotion of Educators’ Competitiveness within the Optimization of Educational System

28 383 896

Financed projects

Development of Support System for Young People in Need of Inclusive Education and for Young People in Groups at Risk, Training, Provision and Professional Development of the Necessary  Personnel

6 000 000

Financed projects

Implementation of Support Measures for Social Exclusion Decrease of Youth and Integration of Disabled Youth into Education

8 127 786

Financed projects

Provision of Appropriate Material Supplies Required for the Implementation of High Quality Natural Science Programmes

30 207 038

Financed projects Support for Optimization of General Educational Establishments 3 168 083 Financed projects

Improvement of Infrastructure and Equipment in Special Educational Establishments

8 133 181

Financed projects

Improvement of Infrastructure in General Secondary Educational Establishments for the Students with Functional Disabilities

4 520 043

Financed projects

Informatisation of Educational Institutions

15 502 367

Financed projects